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SetLocalTime Function

Updates the time on the local computer.

function SetLocalTime(
    Value: TIdDateTime
): boolean;
The date and time to use for the local computer. 

Boolean - True when the local computer date is updated.

SetLocalTime is a Boolean function used to update the time on the local computer system using the native Date/Time value in Value. 

SetLocalTime is used by Indy time synchronization components like TIdSNTP and TIdTime

SetLocalTime encapsulates the platform-specific procedures and functions used to update the time on the local computer system. 

For the .Net and Linux platforms, SetLocalTime performs no operation and always returns False. 

For the Windows platform, SetLocalTime supports Windows NT privileges and adjusts process rights under that OS. SetLocalTime calls the Windows.SetLocalTime function to set the time on the local computer system.

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