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ReturnMIMEType Function

Constructs the MIME media type, subtype and encoding for the file.

function ReturnMIMEType(
    var MediaType: String; 
    var EncType: String
): Boolean;
Media type and subtype for the file.
Encoding for the file. 

Boolean - True when the MIME type is found, False when not found.

ReturnMIMEType is a Boolean function that validates the MIME media media type, subtype, and encoding using the values passed in the MediaType and EncType arguments. 

ReturnMIMEType compares the value in MediaType to the MIMEMediaType values defined in the Indy library. ReturnMIMEType returns True if MediaType is one of the standard MIME types, or uses the extensibility prefix 'x-' for one of the standard MIME types.

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