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RawToBytesF Function

Copies untyped values into a fixed-size array of Bytes.

procedure RawToBytesF(
    var Bytes: TIdBytes; 
    const AValue; 
    const ASize: Integer
Storage for the copied raw byte values .
Untyped value to copy in the operation.
Number of bytes from AValue to copy into the array of bytes. 

RawToBytesF is a procedure used to copy untyped values in AValue into the fixed array of Bytes indicated by Bytes. ASize indicates the number of byte values to copy from AValue into the Bytes variable parameter. 

Please note that the length of Bytes must already be allocated with enough storage for the number bytes desired in the copy operation. 

RawToBytesF calls the Move procedure from SysUtils.pas to perform the copy operation for the specified number of bytes. Copies byte values are always stored at the beginning (or offset 0) of the TIdBytes storage indicated in Bytes. 

Please note that RawToBytesF is not defined for the .Net platform. Use the overloaded ToByesF procedure to copy ordinal data types into a TIdBytes storage area for the .Net Platform.

Raised when the allocated size of the Bytes argument is too small to store the number of bytes values indicated in ASize. 
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