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RawToBytes Function

Converts values to their representation as a TIdBytes data type.

function RawToBytes(
    const AValue; 
    const ASize: Integer
): TIdBytes;
Data values tobe converted to an arrayo of bytes.
Number of bytes in the data to be converted. 

TIdBytes - The array of bytes data type used in the Indy library.

RawToBytes is a TIdBytes function used to convert the value specified in AValue to its representation as a TIdBytes data type. 

RawToBytes is decfined for the Windows and Linux platforms. 

RawToBytes converts the values in AValue having the length specified in ASize to an array bytes as represents by TIdBytes. RawToBytes sets the length of the return value to ASize, and calls the Move procedure in the runtime library to copy the values in AValue.

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