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QueryRecordTypes Constant

Constant array containing values for resource record types.

QueryRecordTypes: Array [0..QueryRecordCount] of TQueryRecordTypes = ( qtA, qtNS, qtMD, qtMF, qtName, qtSOA, qtMB, qtMG, qtMR, qtNull, qtWKS, qtPTR, qtHINFO, qtMINFO, qtMX, qtTXT, qtRT, qtNSAP, qtNSAP_PTR, qtSIG, qtAAAA, qtService, qtNAPTR, qtCERT, qtV6Addr, qtDName, qtR40, qtOptional, qtIXFR, qtAXFR, qtSTAR);

QueryRecordTypes is a constant array that contains TQueryRecordTypes values. Elements are accessed using its zero-based position in the array. Each element represents one of the values in TQueryRecordTypes

QueryRecordTypes is used to retrieve a Word value from QueryRecordValues that can be assigned to TResultRecord.RecType when a resource record is added a resource to TQueryResult.

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