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IsMDTMDate Function

Indicates if a string represents a valid MDTM date and time stamp value.

function IsMDTMDate(
    const ADate: String
): Boolean;
Values to examine for a valid MDTM value. 

Boolean - True if the value is a valid MDTM data and time stamp.

IsMDTMDate is a Boolean function used to determine of the string in ADate represents a value in FTP MDTM format. MDTM date format is derived from its use in the UNIX world. MDTM date and time values are represented in the following form: 




Where ‘yyyymmddhhmmss’ is a line of text with the year, month, day, hour, minutes, and seconds for the MDTM file date and time stamp. 

The next part, “[+-xxx]”, is optional time zone information of the FTP client in minutes as an offset relative to UTC. If no time zone info is given, it is assumed that the timestamp represents a valu in the local timezone for the FTP server. 

An example, the following value can be used with MDTM to set the file dat and time to 19 July 1998, 10:30am 29 seconds, and indicates the client is 240 behind UTC. 


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