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IsHHMMSS Function

Determines if FTP directory listing text represents a delimited 24-hour time string.

function IsHHMMSS(
    const AData: String; 
    const ADelin: String
): Boolean;
Data to be examined for a valid time value.
Delimiter(s) expected between numeric time components. 

Boolean - True if AData contains a 24-hour time value.

IsHHMMSS is a Boolean function used to determine if a piece of text found in an FTP directory listing represents a delimited time string. IsHHMMSS checks the values in AData to ensure that it contains numeric values and the delimter character(s) specified in ADelin. 

IsHHMMSS requires numeric values used to represent hours to be in the range 0..23 instead of 12-hour AM/PM form. Numeric values used for minutes and seconds in AData must be in the range 0..59. ALl numeric values must be delkimited by the seprator character specified in ADelin. 

IsHHMMSS returns True when the data in AData represents a value 24-hour time value. 

IsHHMMSS is used to perform pattern recognition and determine the parser class needed for directory listings in TIdFTP.

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