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Technical Support

How and where to get technical support for Internet Direct (Indy). 


Where can I get technical support?


Indy technical support is available from several sources. 

Consult the Indy web site for updated materials, including: 



Read First!


Please do NOT send email directly to the members of the Indy Pit Crew unless specifically requested to do so (typically when a crew member needs additional information) or responding to an email from a member of the Indy Pit Crew. 

Due to the amount of time the members of the Indy Pit Crew spend in the newsgroups while still earning their daily bread, they are unable to respond to technical questions via email. Technical questions are best directed to the appropriate newsgroup. 

If you require fast priority answers beyond what we provide freely out of our spare time and of our own free will with no financial compensation, please see the paid support options below. Even with paid support, since Indy itself is completely free, it is still a cheap option. 

If you are still not convinced why you should not send us mail directly please consider the following additional items: 


  • Indy is developed using a team approach. This means that certain people are responsible for certain parts of code. By sending email, you likely have sent it to the wrong person or perhaps someone who cannot quickly determine the answer.


  • Email reaches one person and thus puts the load completely on that person. By using the options below, the complete Indy Pit Crew as well as many other Indy users will see your question and the appropriate person will be able to respond. In addition you are likely to receive a variety of answers from different people to further assist you.



Technical Articles and FAQ


Many answers can be found in the technical articles listed at this web site and the FAQ. Please read these to see if the answer your questions. 


Commercial Priority Support


Indy Experts Support


Open source software is fantastic, but often lacks support. Indy Experts Support solves this problem for Indy. Indy Experts Support provides your company with priority e-mail and phone support in a very cost effective manner. 

Indy Experts Support includes: 


  • Priority e-mail support
  • Phone support
  • Direct access to Indy authors and project leaders
  • Custom code snippets and small projects
  • Priority bug fixes and Code review.
  • Consulting via Indy Consulting


The Indy Experts Support team consists of the foremost experts in Indy: 


  • Chad Z. Hower - Original Author and Project Leader of Indy
  • Hadi Hariri - Project Co-Leader of Indy
  • Bas Gooijen - Prominent Indy Core Team Member


Peer Support


Team Indy often answers questions related to using Indy on the public newsgroups and in discussion forums. Team Indy monitors these groups regularly. By using them , everyone can benefit from the information resulting from your post. 


Indy Newsgroups


Peer technical support for Indy is available on public newsgroups or web forums. 

Web access to the Indy Newsgroups is provided by Atozed Software. 

For NNTP access, use the newsgroup. This is not a web address and you will need a news reader such as Outlook Express or other to access them. 


Yahoo Groups


Use the Indy-Dev-Public discussion group to discuss Indy with other developers. 


SSL Support


Intellicom hosts an SSL support forum. This forum is specifically for issues related to using OpenSSL with the Indy library. 


Borland Forums


If you are using Borland products, you can also use forums hosted by Borland. Borland hosts the following NNTP newsgroups at



If you cannot access these groups using NNTP, you can use your web browser and the web interface at


Problem and Bug Reporting


Please help us to help you by following the following thse guidelines, or the most recent ones on the Indy Bug Page

The Indy Bug Page. is available for access by the general public. Posting access is restricted in the new bug system (for the time being). In the future, we will open it up to more users as we formulate a reliable and efficient user verification method. 


Browse the Bug List


Check the bug list to see if a bug has already been reported. Please do not report bugs for Indy 9 unless they are critical or at least rather important. Indy 9 is in a state of near freeze and Indy 10 is the focus of our development. Check the dev snapshot and see if it still exists. If it is still an issue, please use the newsgroups or web forums to report the bug where a user with a bug system account can pre screen it and enter it into the bug system. 




NNTP Access - Atozed Software hosts free peer support Indy Newsgroups at This is not a web address and you will need a news reader such as Outlook Express or other to access them. 


Web Forums


Web Forums - The newsgroups can be accessed by a web gateway for those who prefer a web interface or cannot reach the news server because of firewall or other issues. 


Please use the appropriate groups


Please post Indy questions only in atozedsoftware.indy.* newsgroups

  • and not in the other groups! It should be obvious that .announce,

.intraweb and other are not Indy forums however some users insist on irritating other users if their question is not answered in the Indy forums. Indy questions posted in non Indy forums will not be answered and may result your being banned from the server. 

The Indy news groups are atozedsoftware.indy.*. 

If you find any problems with the bug system itself, please be kind enough to report them in the atozedsoftware.bugbegone.general newsgroup


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