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Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors and Donors for the Internet Direct (Indy) project. 


Corporate Sponsors


The following companies have provided products, services, or resources that are used by the Indy project. 


Nevrona Designs


Nevrona Designs is one of the primary Corporate sponsors for the Open Source Internet Direct (Indy.Sockets) project. Nevrona Designs is a producer of tools for Delphi and C++ developers that include: 


  • Rave Visual and Code-Based Reporting Tool
  • ReportPrinter Pro
  • IndyPro
  • AdHocery
  • ND-Patterns
  • ND-Source


Nevrona Designs also provides World-Wide-Web and FTP hosting for the Internet Direct (Indy.Sockets) project. 


Atozed Software


Atozed Software distributes and licenses developer tools and consumer software products. Atozed also provides offshore development, and training services. 

Atozed Software believes in strong customer support, rapid development of products, and close contact with its customer base to produce the best products possible. 

Atozed Software provides Consumer Software, including: 


  • A to Z Project Billing.
  • ELK News
  • IntraWeb
  • IntraWeb Studio


Atozed Software provides Developer Tools for Borland, Java, and Visual Studio delvelopment environments, including: 


  • Indy Plus
  • Indy in Depth
  • Indy Install
  • Indy News
  • Indy Experts


Atozed Software also hosts the Indy Portal Site for Internet Direct-related news, consulting, training, support, articles, demos, and more. 


GIT (Gestion et Informatique pour Tous S.A.)


GIT (Gestion et Informatique pour Tous S.A.) was founded in 1981, in the early days of micro-computers. The founders decided to create professional software packages, easily used without specific special computer knowledge and at an affordable price, even for small and medium-sized businesses. This formula has been a key factor in the company's success. 

For 20 years, thanks to our team, our clients and friends, we have created user-friendly software packages adapted to the needs of EVERY ONE, from the smallest to the largest, from individuals to multinationals. 

Constantly in touch with our customers and with their help, we have moved forward, followed the most sophisticated technical advances and developed a business using the guidelines of creativity, management and service.  

Solidly implanted in the Geneva market, GIT continues its expansion in Switzerland, in Europe and throughout the world, while remaining faithful to its principles : independence, creativity and professionalism. It is worth noting that GIT already has over 3500 clients in more than 82 countries. 




The following organizations have donated software and licenses for tools used in maintaining Indy projects: 




  • ToolsFactory has donated Doc-O-Matic which is used to capture, maintain, and generate the documentation for the Indy.Docs project.


  • Borland maintains a StarTeam server and repositiory which is used for version control in the Indy.Sockets project.



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