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Internet Direct (Indy) is dual licensed. You can review which license better suits your needs, and use that license. You can even change your mind later if you have previously chosen one. 


The Indy BSD License


The Indy BSD license is a very no nonsense license that allows you to do almost anything you want with Indy, provided you provide proper attribution. The Indy BSD License can be found at:


The Indy MPL License


To make it easier and consistent for JEDI users, we also offer an MPL v1.1 (Mozilla Public License). The Indy MPL License can be found at:

Mozilla is the Open Source initiative formulated by Netscape for the next generation of their web browsers. Netscape states "We believe this license satisfies the Debian Free Software Guidelines which provide a commonly accepted definition of "free software," much like other free software licenses such as GPL or BSD." 

Project JEDI's implementation of the MPL allows developers to use its code in their applications ("Larger Work") regardless of whether the intended distribution will be in the public domain or as commercial applications, as long as the license conditions are met. For a more detailed explanation, an annotated version of the license is available at: 

Annotated MPL License ( 


Copyright 1993-2006, Chad Z. Hower (aka Kudzu) and the Indy Pit Crew. All rights reserved.
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