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IndyComputerName Function

Determines the local host name for the computer system.

function IndyComputerName: String;

String - Local host name for the computer system.

IndyComputerName is a String function used to retrieve the computer name for the local system, as used in various internet protocols. 

IndyComputerName will now use Environment.MachineName in DotNET. This should fix the ESMTP bug where IndyComputerName would return nothing causing an EHLO and HELO command to fail in TIdSMTP under DotNET. 


For the Windows platform, IndyComputerName calls GetComputerName to retrieve the name for the local host. 


For the .Net platform, IndyComputerName uses the value in System.Environment.MachineName from the framework class library. 


On the Linux operating system, IndyComputerName calls the GetHostName function to retrieve the value for the function.

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