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Implements a UDP-based UnixTime Protocol client.

IdUnixTimeUDP.pas contains Classes and methods needed to define and implement a UDP-based UnixTime Protocol (utime) client. 

The UnixTime Protocol counts "epochs" or seconds since the Year 1970. UnixTime recently hit it's billionth birthday. Because Unix is widely used in many environments, UnixTime was developed into a loose simple time protocol in the late 80's and early 90's. No formal UnixTime protocol has ever been officially published as an internet protocol until now. 

UnixTime operates on the well-known port number 519. Once a connection is requested on this port, exactly like in Time Protocol, the UnixTime value is sent back to the client using either the TCP/IP or UDP/IP transport. When UDP/IP is used, a small packet of data must be received by the server in order to respond in the exact same fashion as Time Protocol. The UnixTime value is then sent as an unsigned "unformatted" integer on the same port. 

The UnixTime value consists of the integer returned by the utime() function as described in <utime.h> on Unix implementations.

Implements a UDP-based UnixTime Protocol client. 
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