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IdStackBSDBase.pas contains type, constants, records, and classes needed to implement a BSD-style protocol stack for the host platform or operating system. 

Please note that IdStackBSDBase.pas is not used for the .Net platform.

Exception raised when a service name cannot be resolved to a port number. 
Exception raised during conversion of IP addresses. 
Exception raised when a socket operation is performed using an invalid socket handle. 
Ancestor for stack exceptions raised in the Indy library. 
Exception raised when the protocol stack cannot be initialized. 
Exception raised when the number of allocated socket handles exceeds the limit for the protocol stack. 
Implements a Berkeley Sockets-style protocol stack. 
IP versions or protocol families supported in the Indy library. 
Represents the byte, word, or longword values that make up the IPv4 address. 
Represents the byte, word, or cardinal values that make up the IPv6 address. 
Represents 64-bit Integer values in the Indy library. 
Represents address and version information for an IP address. 
Unsigned byte values for an IPv4 internet address. 
Word values for an IPv4 internet address. 
Pointer to a TIdIn4Addr record. 
Pointer to a TIdIn6Addr record. 
Pointer to a TIdInAddr record. 
Represents the Word values in an IP version 6 internet address. 
Function type for an optimized file transmission procedure. 
Protocol stack instance for the Berklet Sockets implementation. 
Optimized file transfers procedure for the host platform or operating system. 
Copyright 1993-2006, Chad Z. Hower (aka Kudzu) and the Indy Pit Crew. All rights reserved.
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