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Classes used in the structured directory listing for the Indy FTP client.

IdFTPListTypes.pas contains classes used to construct entries structured in the DirectoryListing for the Indy FTP client (TIdFTP). This includes classes derived from TIdFTPListItem that represent specialized entries in the structured directory listing, and support classes required to represent attributes for file entries in the structured DirectoryListing property.

Represents items in a structured directory listing that includes a CreationDate attribute. 
Implements storage for MS DOS file and directory attributes returned in structured directory listings. 
Implements support for MS DOS file attributes in FTP client structured directory listings. 
Implements a common ancestor for minimalistic FTP directory listing formats. 
Implements storage for files or directories in an FTP MLST or MLSD file and/or directory listing. 
Represents Extended file Attrbiutes for the FTP MLST listing format. 
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