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Exception classes used in the Indy library.

IdException.pas contains Classes and Types used to define and implement the various exception class instances used in the Indy library.

Exception raised when blocking sockets are not supported for the operating system or platform hosting the Indy library. 
Exception raised during bind for reserved port numbers. 
Exception raised when setting the IP version for a connected socket handle. 
Exception raised when a connection has close gracefully during socket operations. 
Exception when binding a socket descriptor. 
Exception class raised in the Indy library. 
Exception raised when converting an invalid IP address string to it's native representation. 
Represents an exception raised during bind due to an invalid port number range. 
Exception raised for an incomplete socket transmission. 
Exception raised for an invalid datagram size. 
Exception raised when an index out of range error occurs in the Indy library. 
Exception that behaves like the VCL EAbort exception. 
Ancestor for Indy socket handle errors. 
Exception used as a wrapper for native exceptions raised on the .Net platform. 
Class reference used to create exceptions when handling protocol responses. 
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