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IPv6ToIdIPv6Address Function

Converts a string to an IPv6 network address.

function IPv6ToIdIPv6Address(
    const AIPAddress: String
): TIdIPv6Address;
String representation of the IPv6 network address. 

TIdIPv6Address - Data type representing the IPv6 network address.

IPv6ToIdIPv6Address is a procedure used to convert a string containing an IPv6 network address to it representation as a TIdIPv6Address data type. 

IPv6ToIdIPv6Address calls MakeCanonicalIPv6Address to convert the string in AIPAddress to its simplest and most significant form as a eight hexidecimal values. If AIPAddress contains an IP address in an invalid format, or a format that cannot be represented in canonical form, an EIdInvalidIPv6Address is raised with the message RSInvalidIPv6Address and the IP address causing the error. 

IPv6ToIdIPv6Address converts the eight hexidecimal values in the canonical representation of the address to the Integer values required in TIdIPv6Address. Blank components in the IP address (represented as '::') are converted to the value 0 (zero).

Raised with the message RSInvalidIPv6Address when a canonical representation of the IPv6 address cannot be derived. 
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