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IPv4ToOctal Function

Converts an IP version 4 address to its octal representation.

function IPv4ToOctal(
    const AIPAddress: string
): string;
IP address to be converted. 

String - Octal chcaracters representing the IP address.

IPv4ToOctal is a String function used to convert an IP version 4 address to the octal representation for its numeric value. 

AIPAddress is the IP address to be converted, and is expected to contain 4 byte values in dotted decimal form. 

IPv4ToOctal calls ByteToOctal for each of the byte values in AIPAddress. The return value will contain dot separators between each of the octal values for the converted address. 

Use IPv4ToHex to convert an IP address to its Hexadecimal representation. 

Use IPv4ToDWord to convert an IP address to an unsigned numeric value.

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