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FetchCaseInsensitive Function

Parses a token from the delimited input string without case-sensitivity.

function FetchCaseInsensitive(
    var AInput: string; 
    const ADelim: string = IdFetchDelimDefault; 
    const ADelete: Boolean = IdFetchDeleteDefault
): string;
Value to be parsed.
Delimiter character(s). Default value is IdFetchDelimDefault.
Indicates parsed tokens are removed from the input string. Default value is IdFetchDeleteDefault

String - Token parsed from the input string.

FetchCaseInsensitive is a String function used to parse a token from the input string specified in AInput delimited by the characters specified in ADelim. ADelim can contain a single character, a sequence of characters, or the value CHAR0 (Null string). 

Fetch will return any characters occuring in AInput until one of the delimiter characters in ADelim is encountered. When ADelim is omitted, the default value for ADelim is IdFetchDelimDefault. FetchCaseInsensitive does not perform case-sensitive comparisions for delimiter character(s) that may occur in the input string. 

FetchCaseInsensitive can optionally delete the parsed token from AInput when ADelete is True. When ADelete is True, both the parsed value and the delimiter character(s) are removed from the input string AInput. 

Use Fetch to extract delimited token using case-sensitive comparisions for delimiter characters.

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