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EnsureMsgIDBrackets Function

Ensure the message identifier contains angle brackets used in the NNTP protocol.

function EnsureMsgIDBrackets(
    const AMsgID: String
): String;
Message identifier without angle brackets. 

String - Message identifer with angle brackets for the NNTP protocol.

EnsureMsgIDBrackets is a String function used to ensure that the message identifier in AMsgID contains the angle brackets needed at the beginning and end of the value. 

For any non-blank value in AMsgID, EnsureMsgIDBrackets will add the left angle bracket (Decimal 60) and right angle bracket (Decimal 62) to the beginning and end of the value (respectively) when they are not already present. 

EnsureMsgIDBrackets is used in TIdNNTP to convert the value normally used in message properties (without leading and trailing brackets) to the value required for the RFC-complaint message identifier.

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