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EIdConnClosedGracefully Class

Exception raised when a connection has close gracefully during socket operations.

EIdConnClosedGracefully = class(EIdSilentException);

EIdSilentException is a EIdSilentException descendant that represents the exception raised when a connection has been closed gracefully. 

EIdSilentException is raised when a valid socket descriptor has not been allocated during a check for a readable socket handle in TIdSocketHandle.Readable

EIdSilentException is also raised when reading a stream in TIdIOHandler.ReadStream

As an EIdSilentException descendant, EIdConnClosedGracefully responds like the VCL EAbort exception. It is recommended that you set your IDE to ignore those exceptions by clicking Tools -> Debugger Options -> Language Exceptions -> Add and entering the value "EIdSilentException".

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