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CopyTIdIPV6Address Function

Copies word values from a structured IP into an array of bytes.

procedure CopyTIdIPV6Address(
    const ASource: TIdIPv6Address; 
    var VDest: TIdBytes; 
    const ADestIndex: Integer
Structured IP address with values ot be copied.
Storage for the Word values copied from ASource.
Initial position in the array of bytes for values copied from ASource. 

CopyTIdIPV6Address is a procedure used to copy word values from the structured IP address in ASource into the array of bytes indicated in VDest. CopyTIdIPV6Address copies the eight TIdWord values from the value specified in ASource into the storage specified by VDest. 

ADestIndex indicates the initial byte position in VDest where copied values are stored. ADestIndex is a zero-based offset into the array of bytes. 

Please note that no byte sex changes (or endian-reordering) is performed for the converted word values. 


On the .Net platform, CopyTIdIPV6Address calls CopyTIdWord for each of the TIdWord values in the IP address. 


For all other platforms where the Borland RTL is implemented, the Move procedure from SysUtils.pas is called to copy values from ASource into VDest at the indicated position using the native size of the TIdIPV6Address data type.

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