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CopyTIdByteArray Function

Copies byte values between Array of Byte variables.

procedure CopyTIdByteArray(
    const ASource: array of Byte; 
    const ASourceIndex: Integer; 
    var VDest: array of Byte; 
    const ADestIndex: Integer; 
    const ALength: Integer
Values to be copied to the destination.
First value in the source to be included in the copy procedure.
Position in the destination to begin storing copied values.
Number of bytes from the source to be included in the copy procedure. 
Destination for values copied in the procedure.

CopyTIdByteArray is a procedure used to copy values between the Array of Byte variables specified in the ASource and ADest arguments. 

ASourceIndex is the zero-based ordinal position of the byte value in the array, and indicates the first value in ASource to be included in the copy procedure. 

ADestIndex is a zero-based ordinal position that indicates the initial position to be used for storing copied byte values. 

ALength indicates the number of bytes from ASource to be copied to the ADest variable. 

CopyTIdByteArray is a utility procedure that isolates the platform-specific calls required to perform the copy between the Array of Byte arguments. 


On the .Net platform, CopyTIdByteArray uses the System.Array.Copy framework API method to perform the copy. 


For other platforms, the Move procedure from the runtime library is used to perform the copy.

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