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ChmodNoToPerms Function

Converts a UNIX chmod value to strings that represent user, group, and Owner permissions.

procedure ChmodNoToPerms(
    const AChmodNo: Integer; 
    var VUser: String; 
    var VGroup: String; 
    var VOther: String
); overload;
UNIX chmod value to convert.
User permissions for the chmod value.
Group permissions for the chmod value.
Owner permissions for the chmod value. 

ChmodNoToPerms is an overloaded procedure used to convert the UNIX chmod value in AChmodNo to strings that represent the corresponding user, group, and Owner permissions for the value. 

ChmodNoToPerms calls the overloaded method to convert the bits in AChmodNo to its' representation as a String. The string representation of the chmod bits are copied in to the VUser, VGroup, and VOther arguments. 

Use PermsToChmodNo to convert the string representation of the bits back into a UNIX chmod value. 

ChmodNoToPerms is used in parsers for structured directory listings in TIdFTP that support the capability.

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