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AppendString Function

Adds a string value to existing data in a TIdBytes storage variable.

procedure AppendString(
    var VBytes: TIdBytes; 
    const AStr: String; 
    ALength: Integer = -1
Storage for existing and appended values.
Values to add to the end of existing byte data.
Number of bytes to aapend from AStr. 

AppendString is a procedure used to concatenate values specified in AStr to the end of existing byte values. 

VBytes is the TIdBytes instance where the values in AStr will be appended. 

AStr contains the values to be added to the end of exisign values in VBytes. 

ALength indicates the number of bytes from AStr to append to VBytes. The default value is -1, and indicates that all bytes in AStr should be appended to VBytes. 

AppendString allocates additional storage for the values in AStr by calling SetLength for the array of bytes in VBytes. AppendsString calls CopyTIdString to perform the operation for the specified number of bytes. 

Use AppendBytes to concatenate two TIdBytes data types. 

Use APpendByte to append a single byte value to a TIdBytes data type.

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