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AppendByte Function

Appends a byte value to the specified destination.

procedure AppendByte(
    var VBytes: TIdBytes; 
    AByte: byte
Storage for the appended byte value.
Byte to append to the destination. 

AppendByte is a procedure used to append the byte value indicated in AByte to the destination specified in VBytes. AppendByte increases the length of VBytes by 1, and stores the value in AByte at the highest position in the TIdBytes destination. 

Use AppendBytes to append values from a TIdBytes instance to another TIdBytes instance.

[Delphi] Appending byte values to a TIdBytes type.

  // ASrcIdBytes: TIdBytes;
  // ADestIdBytes: TIdBytes;
  // AByte: byte;

  // append a specific byte value to the destination
  AppendByte(ADestIdBytes, AByte);

  // append the highest byte value to the destination
  AppendByte(ADestIdBytes, ASrcIdBytes[High(ASrcIdBytes)]);

  // append all byte values to the destination
  AppendBytes(ADestIdBytes, ASrcIdBytes);
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