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AddMissingYear Function

Derives the year for a partial date value.

function AddMissingYear(
    const ADay: Cardinal; 
    const AMonth: Cardinal
): Cardinal;
Day number for the partial date value.
Month number for the partial date value. 

Cardinal - Year number to be used for the partial date value.

AddMissingYear is a Cardinal function used to derive the year used in date values that omit the year portion of the date. 

AddMissingYear uses the year for the current date when the partial date occurs in a month prior to the current month. When the current month is the same as or subsequent to the month for the partial date, the Year number in the return value is decremented by 1. 

AddMissingYear is used in FTP directory listing parsers for formats that may omit the Year portion of a date returned in the directory listing.


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