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TIdVCard Properties

Properties of TIdVCard.

Represents a list of VCard addresses. 
Represents the birthday the VCard owner. 
Represents business information about the VCard owner. 
Represents a list of categories for the VCard. 
Represents the general intent or keyword access for the VCard. 
Textual comments for the VCard. 
List of the VCard owner's E-Mail address. 
E-Mail program used by the card's owner. 
VCard owner's name. 
VCard owner's encryption key. 
Organization's logo. 
List of mailing labels for the VCard owner. 
VCard owner's photograph. 
Program which created this VCard. 
Raw data for the VCard. 
Sound file for the VCard. 
List of the VCard owner's telephone numbers. 
Unique identifier for the VCard. 
URLs for the VCard owner or organization. 
Version number of the VCard specification. 
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