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TIdNNTP Properties

Properties of TIdNNTP.

IP address or host name for the NNTP server. 
Indicates the NNTP command mode for the client connection. 
Result from the NNTP MODE command. 
Estimated number of articles in the newsgroup. 
Indicates the highest available article in a newsgroup. 
Indicates the lowest available article number in a newsgroup. 
Identifies the newsreader that posts an article. 
Event handler signalled on receipt of values in the new newsgroup list. 
Represents the user authorization for connecting to the NNTP server. 
Represents posting permissions granted to the NNTP client. 
Port number for the connection to an NNTP server. 
Represents the user identity for connecting to the NNTP server. 
Indicates Transport-Level Security is used on the NNTP connection. 
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