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TIdMessage Properties

Properties of TIdMessage.

Identifies the default encoding mechanism used for message parts. 
Path to use when creating or accessing the temporary files for file-based attachments in the message. 
Indicates blind carbon copy recipients for the message. 
Represents the body of the message. 
Carbon copy recipients for the message. 
Indicates the character set used for the message. 
Indicates presentation and storage parameters for the message. 
Specifies the MIME encoding for the message during message transmission. 
Identifies the MIME media type for the message. 
Indicates if a misplaced message body is converted prior to transmission. 
The date a message was sent. 
Identifies the encoding algorithm for message attachments. 
Indicates if an exception occurs when a file-based attachment cannot be created in MessageParts
Additional headers for the message. 
Represents mailbox message flags for the message. 
Identifies the original author of the message. 
List of original authors for the message. 
Header values for the message. 
Original message identifier for a response message. 
Indicates when the message body is MIME-encoded. 
Indicates if a single message part exists for a MIME-encoded message. 
Provides access to headers used during transmission of the mail message. 
List of message parts for the message. 
Represents MIME boundary markers for the message. 
Message identifier assigned to the message. 
Identifies newsgroup to receive the message. 
Requests a message in raw form. 
Indicates if encoding can be omitted for Headers and Body prior to message transmission. 
Identifies the organizational affiliation for the message author. 
Identifies the message priority. 
Return receipt email address. 
Identifies the recipients of a message. 
Identifies the reply-to messages. 
Identifies the delivery address for message replies. 
Identifies the sender of the message. 
Identifies the subject for the message. 
Unique Identifier for a message. 
Indicates that the message uses the current date and time when sent. 
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