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TIdIMAP4 Properties

Properties of TIdIMAP4.

Indicates the mechanism to use for authentication in the Login method. 
Indicates the IMAP4 connection state. 
Identifies the server and its state during connection of the IMAP4 session. 
Identifies the host name or IP address for the remote IMAP4 server. 
Represents the IMAP4 mailbox. 
Identifies the character used to separate mailbox names in the hierarchical mailbox namespace. 
Delay time for unhandled response data in the buffer for the client. 
Identifies the credentials for IMAP4 server authentication. 
Identifies the port number used for the IMAP4 server connection. 
Specifies data to automatically retrieve from the mailbox when a mailbox is selected. 
SASL authentication mechanisms supported on the remote IMAP4 server. 
Identifies the user name for IMAP4 server authentication. 
Indicates Transport-Level Security is used on the connection. 
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