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TIdCustomTCPServer Properties

Properties of TIdCustomTCPServer.

Indicates if the server is running and listening for client connections. 
Container for socket handles allocated by the server. 
Class reference used to create new executable tasks for client connections to the server. 
Executable tasks for client connections to the server. 
Identifies the default port number used to listen for new connections. 
Indicates if resources in the IOHandler are managed by the server. 
Indicates if resources in the Scheduler are managed by the server. 
Identifies a data handler for server socket connections. 
Represents the IOHandler used by listener threads for the server. 
Indicates the maximum number of unresolved connection attempts allowed for a server listener thread. 
Indicates the maximum numer of client connections allowed for the server. 
Event handler signalled after binding socket handles for listener threads. 
Indicates reuse of local addresses for listener threads. 
Identifies the thread-based or fiber-based scheduler used in the server. 
Specifies the time a server should wait while terminating executable tasks for client connections. 
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