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TIdMessage Methods

Methods of TIdMessage.

Adds a header and value to the message. 
Clears the header and body for the message. 
Clears the contents of the message body. 
Clear the contents of the message header. 
Indicates if the message has multiple message parts. 
Implements creating a new message attachment. 
Captures and removes a character set parameter present in a RFC 2822-compliant message header. 
Creates the list of headers for the message. 
Initializes the default values for the content transfer encoding, encoding, and character sets for the message. 
Indicates if the Body for the message is blank. 
Determines if encoding is required to represent lines in the Body of the message. 
Loads message headers and message parts from a file. 
Loads message headers and message parts from an input stream. 
Updates message properties based on header values in the message. 
Stores message headers and contents in a file. 
Stores message headers and message parts to an output stream. 
Frees the object instance. 
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