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TIdStackBSDBase Members

Members exposed by TIdStackBSDBase.

Determines if a specified IP protocol version is supported. 
Creates a new socket handle that is bound to specific socket type and protocol. 
Raises an exception with the specified error code and associated message. 
Receives data from the remote connected on a socket handle. 
Receives a datagram using a socket handle and stores the source address. 
Specifies the interface used to access the RecvFrom() API for the protocol stack. 
Sends data on a connected socket handle. 
Sends data to a specific destination using the socket handle. 
Sets the IO mode for the socket handle. 
Sets socket options for the socket handle. 
Convert an IP address structured to a structured IP address data type. 
Converts a structured IP address to its representation as string. 
Indicates a socket response code is a blocking response. 
Provides access to the last socket error for the protocol stack implementation. 
Sends data to a specified IP address and port number using a socket handle. 
Allocates a socket handle for the specified protocol, family, structure, and IO mode. 
Builds an exception message using the specified socket error number. 
Accepts a connection request using the socket handle. 
Associates a local address with a socket handle. 
Calculate the CRC for values for the specified data. 
Establishes a connection for the socket handle. 
Maintains the internal usage counter for the global protocol stack in the Indy library. 
Closes a connection on a socket handle. 
Retrieves the destination for a remote network connection. 
Retrieves the identity for the local network connection. 
Specifies a method for reading socket options. 
Determines a host name for a given IP address and version number. 
Maintains the internal usage counter for the global protocol stack in the Indy library. 
Specifies the mechanism used to access the ioctlsocket() API for the platform or operating system hosting the Indy library. 
Indicates if the string contains a valid IP address. 
Indicates if the specified IP addresss represents a valid IPv4 multicast group address. 
Indicates if the specified IP addresss represents a valid IPv6 multicast group address. 
Listens for remote connection requests. 
Creates a protocol stack instance for the Indy library. 
Specifies the interface used to receive message-orient packet transmission for the specified socket. 
Retrieves the host IP address for a host name. 
Indicates if IP version addresses are supported for the platform. 
Specifies the mechanism used to write a CRC checksum value for data included in a packet transmission. 
Constructor for the object instance. 
Frees the object instance. 
Host name for the local computer system. 
IP address for the local connection. 
IP addresses for each network adapter in the local computer system. 
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