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TIdDNSResolver Members

Members exposed by TIdDNSResolver.

Represents the current connection status event handler. 
Captures and parses results returned in a DNS query response. 
Determines if the peer has been gracefully disconnected. 
Indicates if the peer connection has been opened. 
Creates the IOHandler for the connection. 
Disconnects the peer connection. 
Reads response detail lines from a peer connection. 
Sends the RFC protocol header values in a list to the connection. 
Writes RFC-compliant message bodies on the connection. 
Triggers the OnBeginWork event. 
Triggers the OnWork event handler. 
Triggers the OnEndWork event handler. 
Version number for Indy component suite. 
Frees the object instance. 
Constructor for the object instance. 
Indicates if recursive DNS queries are desired on the DNS server. 
Banner or welcome message for a connection to a protocol server. 
Identifies the host name or IP address for the DNS server. 
The input / output mechanism for the connection. 
Indicates the IP address family supported for connections to the DNS server. 
Response code and text for the last response from the peer connection. 
Indicates tyhe IOHandler for the connection is maintained by the object instance. 
Event handler signalled when disconnecting the peer connection. 
Event handler signalled for read and / or write operations. 
Event handler signalled when beginning a read or write operation. 
Event handler signalled when completing a read or write operation. 
Represents the plain text version of values received in a DNS query reponse. 
Indicates the port number for the DNS server used to resolve DNS queries. 
Container for values and resource records in a DNS response. 
Indicates the resource record types requested when resolving a DNS query. 
Provides access to the TIdIOHandlerSocket for the connection. 
Identifies the version number for the Indy component suite. 
Indy component to receive work mode events for the current object instance. 
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