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TIdAttachmentFile Members

Members exposed by TIdAttachmentFile.

Frees the internal stream used in loading the contents of the message part. 
Resets the internal stream used to access the contents of the message part. 
Specifies the method used to open and initialize the internal stream needed for loading an attachment before transmission. 
Provides a stream for accessing the contents of the message part. 
Copies the content for a file-based message attachment to the specified file name. 
Copies properties from a persistent object to the current object instance. 
Indicates the message part type to control decoding and processing during receipt. 
Writes the content for an attachment onto the specified stream. 
Indicates the classification of the message part instance. 
Constructor for the object instance. 
Frees the object instance from the message parts collection. 
Indicates if creation of the storage for the attchment has been blocked. 
Character sequence that delimits the message part. 
Indicates that a boundary marker appears at the beginning of the message part. 
Indicates that a boundary marker appears at the end of the message part. 
Represents descriptive information with a given message body. 
Indicates presentation and storage parameters for the message part. 
Identifier for the message part. 
Specifies a URI that is the resource location for the entity in the message. 
Identifies the encoding scheme for the message part. 
Identifies the MIME media type for the message. 
Optional attribute parameter for the ContentType in a message part. 
Represents message headers not used for with property storage. 
Indicates if the file for storing the message part can be deleted when freed. 
File name used to the store the attachment. 
Represents message headers in native form. 
Indicates that the body for the message part is MIME-encoded. 
Indicates the local file where the contents of the message part is stored. 
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