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Indy 10 Lazarus/FreePascal Port

About This Effort

This is an effort to make Indy 10 work in FreePascal using the Lazarus IDE.  Our goal is to eventually get this code merged into the main Indy branch which would then support both Borland Delphi and FreePascal.  Our goals are to support in Linux and other operating systems including various microprocessor architecture that FreePascal supports.   At the same time, we want to follow the Indy Coding Conventions and Standards so that NET is supported at the same time.  The goal is to support as many systems as we can.  

Some success has been reported with:

  • Win32
  • WinCE
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS/X (Darwin)

Currently, we would like to at least support the following systems on all architectures they support.

  • Win64
  • Sun Solaris

It all depends upon the support and contributions that we get.  Remember that the success of this effort depends upon you and what you contribute.


Some support is now available at atozedsoftware.indy.fpc. You are mostly likely to get help there.   Keep in mind that the code is currently in flux and has not been tested.  We need people to test the code on their systems.


  • indy10demo.tar.gz - current demos.  Some of these are unfinished and they should be rewritten.

This is the most current code from the version control system that is then reorganized into a sensible distribution.  This was updated on 01/18/2007.  Please read the README file included with this distribution.


Contact Us

For peer support, you may use the
news:// newsgroup. Do not E-Mail us if
you need help with your program or using Indy. Only E-Mail us if you have
specific improvements, code contributions, or wish to report success with some
particular target operating systems. Remember that all Indy developers
are volunteers who give their time without any compensation.

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