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Documentation Team

The Indy Documentation Project is a volunteer effort to maintain and improve documentation for the Internet Direct (Indy) component suite.

Documentation releases are made available in the following formats:

  • Windows Help (.HLP) format
  • HTML Help (.CHM) format
  • HTML Help version 2 (.HxS, .HxI) format
  • HTML (.HTML) format
  • Adobe PDF (.PDF) format

Participation in the Indy Documentation project is open to anyone with a little time, and a little knowledge of the Indy component suite. While programming knowledge is useful, it is not required. This makes the Indy Documentation project a great way for anyone to contribute to the success of Indy, and to have their work read by an ever-increasing number of Indy users.

Please visit the Indy Documentation Project website for additional information about joining or contributing to the Indy Documentation project.

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