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Indy 10 Kylix 3 Installation Instructions

For what it is worth, the following are my notes on how I installed Indy 10 on Kylix 3. They may now be slightly different because of the new package names.

The following installs Indy for run-time creation of components. Please note that Linux is case sensitive and you may have to adjust certain paths or filenames to match your system.

Getting the components on the toolbar (design-time creation) has not been checked yet, though the standard method for installing them in Delphi may well work.

1) You can get the files via TC, but the only one available for Linux is a command-line thingie, so forget that. I installed the current Indy 10 snapshot via the ftp link on the download page, which goes to ftp://indy.fulgan.com (WARNING - this may be 24 hours behind the real developer's snapshot?). Drag the Indy10 dir to a suitable location in another filemanager window, I put it in /var/mystuff/Indy - note this only creates the directories, it won't copy the files, so open the corresponding dirs of interest (all the directories under /Indy10/Lib/) and drag across all the files in the corresponding dirs.

2) Remove any old version of Indy:

2a) From the Kylix menu, click Component -> Install Packages, then remove Internet Direct (you may need to also remove Internet


2b) Remove any old files: in /usr/local/kylix3/source/, rename "internet direct" to "internet direct old".

In /usr/local/kylix3/lib/, /usr/local/kylix3/lib/debug/ and /usr/local/kylix3/lib/release/ move any Indy.*, Id*.dcu and Id*.obj files. In /usr/local/kylix3/bin/, remove any dclindy*.* files. It is worth doing a full check to make sure there are no

*indy.* files anywhere, like dclindy.so.6.9

2c) If you get problems further down in these instructions, you may be better off just reinstalling kylix without indy (save any config files before uninstalling, if you wish, though I never bother). In a terminal window, cd to /usr/local/kylix3, enter "./uninstall".

When uninstalled, rename the /usr/local/kylix3/ directory to kylix3_old (in case it still holds something you later find you need!).

Reinstall kylix3, but this time, uncheck the "Internet Components"

checkbox option.

3) Start Kylix, on the menubar pick Tools -> Environment Options -> Library tab. Edit the Library paths (click the little ... button after the edit box). Delete any old Indy paths. Add the paths to your new download dirs at the TOP of the list, in the following order (if you downloaded them to the location I used

above): /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/lib/system, /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10 /lib/core, /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/lib/protocols, /var/mystuff/Indy/ indy10/lib/supercore.

4) Compile the new Indy 10 into Kylix.

4a) From the Kylix menubar, click File -> Open, navigate to /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/lib/system/IndySystemK3.dpk. On the dialog that opens up, click the Compile button. Don't worry about any warnings or hints, but an error means there is a problem with that version, so please report it to an Indy newsgroup. This will generate bplIndySystemK3.so  in /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/Lib/System/

but move this file to /usr/local/kylix3/bin/.

4b) Repeat 4a for /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/lib/core/IndyCoreK3.dpk

and bplIndyCoreK3.so.

4c) Repeat 4a

for /var/mystuff/Indy/indy10/Lib/Protocols/IndyProtocolsK3.dpk and bplIndyProtocolsK3.so.

4d) Don't bother with SuperCore, you won't need it.

5) All done!


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