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We are in the process of updating ALL demos; we plan to provide Delphi, C++Builder and (where possible) C# demos - as you can imagine, this takes time.
(Please do not e-mail the webmaster ;))

If you have a demo that you would like to be included, please contact the Demos Team! (click here for the Indy-Demos Yahoogroup)

The AToZed Indy Demo's Playground offers a number of demos as well; click here. We will try to create one list for both efforts, but this takes time as many people are involved in this process.

Indy 9

The 'old' Indy 9 demos can be downloaded here (1.3Mb, zipped).

Indy 10 Demos

by Indy Team

The list will be updated regularly. Please be patient, as the demos are still under development.




C++ Builder 



28 November 2004



31 December 2004



31 December 2004


IdFTP (FTP Client) 31 December 2004



IdFTPServer 31 December 2004




IdIMAP4 (IMAP4 Client) 31 December 2004




IdPOP3 / IdSMTP / IdMessage 6th February 2005 [Download]

Note: All Delphi demos are for the Win32 platform. You can convert them, however, using Delphi for that.

by Other Contributors


written by


TIdTCPClient/Server with SSL Ralph Sickinger Download
Important: Contributors are responsible to maintain the demos. Furthermore, we do not have the time to check the external demos, so please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind on your system caused by these demos!

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