How do I use a TIdFTP with a FTP Proxy?

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For Indy 8.0


Indy 8.0's FTP client does not support FTP proxies so you have to upgrade to Indy 9.0 or Indy 10.


For Indy 9.0 and Indy 10


Ask your network administrator for information about using the FTP proxy. Indy 9 and 10 support the following types of proxies with the TIdFTP.ProxySettings.ProxyType property


fpcmNone - No FTP Proxy
fpcmUserSite - Send command USER user@hostname
fpcmSite - Send command SITE (with logon)
fpcmOpen - Send command OPEN
fpcmUserPass - USER user@firewalluser@hostname / PASS pass@firewallpass
fpcmTransparent - First use the USER and PASS command with the firewall username and password, and then with the target host username and password
fpcmUserHostFireWallID - In Indy 10 only - USER hostuserId@hostname firewallUsername
fpcmNovellBorder - In Indy 10 only - Novell BorderManager Proxy
fpcmCustomProxy - In Indy 10 only - Use the OnCustomFTPProxy event to provide custom proxy support by writing your own FTP proxy and server login sequence.  When using this feature, we recommend that use the TIdFTP.GetLoginPassword method instead of TIdFTP.Password so your proxy login will also support One-Time Password system (OTP).  We also recommend that you provide some end-user scripting in this event for a mass-deployed FTP program so users can write their own scripted sequences for odd configurations.


Then set the TIdFTP.ProxySettings.Host, TIdFTP.ProxySettings.Port, TIdFTP.ProxySettings.Username, and TIdFTP.ProxySettings.Password properties using the information provided by your network administrator.