I tried to install Indy 8.0 in Borland C++ Builder and got missing package errors - the files seem to listed okay in the Indy source directory.

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An old Indy 8.0 installer fails to compile the appropriate binaries for C++Builder. To compile Indy, we suggest using either:


Running FullC4.bat for C++Builder 4 or FullC5.bat for C++Builder 5. These batch files are in your source directories.
Compiling the IndyC40.BPK and DclIndyC40.BPK for C++Builder 4 or Compiling the IndyC50.BPK and DclIndyC50.BPK for C++Builder 5.


Starting with Indy 9.0, we discontinued our installer and we have discontinued the Indy Borland C++ Builder BPK's.