TIdFTP.DirectoryListing is returning nothing for my FTP server.  Why?

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We restructured the way FTP directory listing is done.  The code is now a plug in system with various parsers in their own units which register themselves into a framework.  To add support for a particular type of FTP server, you simply add the parser unit to one of your program unit's uses clause. 


To add the Unix directory list parser, add IdFTPListParseUnix to your unit's clause.  To add support for Microsoft Windows NT IIS FTP server, add IdFTPListParseWindowsNT to your uses clause.  You can also add many other parsers we include in the Indy packages.  By convention, they are named IdFTPListParser followed by the server type.  You do not need to add IdFTPListParseBase to your uses clause because IdFTP uses that unit.  If you wish to use all of Indy's FTP List parser classes, just add the IdAllFTPListParsers unit to your uses clause.


We admit this new design is not as intuitive as the older one but this has many advantages for us such as:


The FTP list parsing code is now much easier to maintain than the same code in a non-modular design in one unit which would be at least 150KB total.
You now can add support for only the FTP servers you want your program support to support.
You can now write your own custom parser classes and plug those into the standard FTP parsing list framework.