Whenever I do a LoadFromFile or a LoadFromStream, I get an EIdReadTimeout exception.  What am I doing wrong?

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Your message files need to be properly terminated for the Indy LoadFromFile

and LoadFromStream methods.  You must terminate the message with a  "<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>".  The Indy helpfile notes this behavior.


Both LoadFromFile and LoadFromStream are designed to handle messages

written using the SaveToStream or SavedToFile methods in the Indy TIdMessage

component. These methods create an encoded version of the message contents

that matches the protocol tranmissions used when the message is transmitted

using TIdSMTP including the message terminator characters (CRLF.CRLF). If

you are trying to import .EML message files from MS Outlook Express, or

another email client, make sure that the text file contains the message

terminator sequence. An exception will be raised if LoadFromFile or

LoadFromStream are used to load files that do not include the message

terminator sequence.