How hard is it to upgrade my code to the latest version of Indy?

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Most of your Indy 8.0 based code can be ported to Indy 9.0.  However, some classes were given some major restructuring.  For example:


The coders were completely redesigned and rewritten.
The DNS resolver was cleaned up significantly and some class names were changed in the process.
The SocksInfo class was made into it's own component.  You use this with a TIdSocketHandler that you link to from the client component using the IOHandler property.
The SSL Intercepts in Indy 8.0 were made into IOHandlers for Indy 9.0 so your code will have to change.


For porting your code to the current Indy 10 code, we have started keeping notes in a Compatibility.txt file in the main VCS.