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Feature Matrix

This is a feature matrix listing many (not all) protocols implemented in Indy. Those protocols which are also implemented by the .NET framework are also much more limited versions than what Indy supports.


Protocol Indy .Net Framework 1.1
BinHex Encoding

CMD Client

CMD Server


Chargen (TCP) Server

Chargen (UDP) Server


DICT Server

DNS Client

DateTime (TCP) Server

DateTime (UDP) Server

DayTime (TCP) Client

DayTime (UDP) Client

Discard (TCP) Server

Discard (UDP) Server

Echo (TCP) Client

Echo (TCP) Server

Echo (UDP) Client

Echo (UDP) Server

Elf Hash

Email address parsing and generation

FTP Client

Only via FTP:// urls
via HTTP client.
Limited to known filename
downloads only. No
support for directories,
uploads, or other.

FTP Server

FTP list parsing

Finger Client

File Services Protocol

Finger Server

Gopher Client

Gopher Server


HTTP (Cern) proxy server

HTTP Client

HTTP Server

Hash algolrithms

IRC Client

IRC Server

Ident Client

Ident Server

Intercept support

LPR Client

Logging support

MD Hash

MIME Encoding

Mapped port FTP

Mapped port POP3

Mapped port TCP

Mapped port Telnet

Mapped port UDP

NNTP Client

NNTP Server

One time password

POP3 Client

POP3 Server

QOTD (TCP) Client

QOTD (TCP) Server

QOTD (UDP) Client

QOTD (UDP) Server

QP Encoding

RSH Client

RSH Server


SASL - Anonymous

SASL - Cram MD5

SASL - Key

SASL - Login


SASL - Plain

SASL - User Pass


SMTP Client

Very limited.
Does not support
SMTP authentication,
multipart messages,
alternative types,
and much more.
Also requires
additional installation
of CDO on many machines.

SMTP Relay

SMTP Server



Only for HTTP.
Not available for
other protocols.

Simple TCP Server


SysLog Client

SysLog Server

Systat (TCP) Client

Systat (TCP) Server

Systat (UDP) Client

Systat (UDP) Server

TCP Client

TCP Server

TLS Support

Telnet Server

Time (TCP) Client

Time (TCP) Server

Time (UDP) Client

Time (UDP) Server

Trivial FTP Client

Trivial FTP Server

UDP Client

UDP Server

URI parsing and generation

UUE Encoding

VCard parsing

Whois Client

Whois Server

XXE Encoding


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Chad Z. Hower (Kudzu)
and the Indy Pit Crew.