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Installation Instructions

  • KBMMemTable
    Bubelen requires kbmMemtable (3.10 or higher). kbmMemtable Standard is available as freeware.
    • Install KMBMemTable if you do not already have it installed (See downloads).
    • Consult install.txt in the zip for installation directions.

  • Install Bubelen components
    • Run BubelenSetup.exe and choose a directory of your choice.
    • Open Bubelen.dpk
    • Click Install.

  • Add Bubelen and KBMMemTable to library paths. If you do not do this, the demos will not compile.
    • In Delphi, select Tools menu, then Environment Options.
    • Select Library tab.
    • Click ... button to the right of Library Path.
    • Add the paths for the Bubelen directory and KBMMemTable.


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